What is cyn

cyn is a command-line tool to help you develop your app using the Electron (opens new window) framework.

How does it works ?

Under the hood, cyn use a predefined template of a minimal Electron app. It then read your configuration, your profiles and your files and compile them into a runnable app.

Why ?

For fun.

It all started with Construct 3 (opens new window).
I saw too many people complaining about slow updates, small amount of features or bugs with NW.js (the default desktop exporting method). I love Electron, so I took the opportunity to help people by doing my own exporter.
An other reason I chosed to make this is that Construct 3 doesn't give you the ability to preview your game using NW.js since it runs in the browser. With cyn, you can preview your game from the editor into Electron.