Configuration file is located inside your project's folder and is called config.js.
It's a javascript file that have the same format as a simple JSON file but advanced users have the possibility to include dynamic configurations.

The default configuration looks like:

module.exports = {
  // your configuration here

It's an empty javascript definition of a module. There is already a default configuration for all keys built inside the cli, you jut have to override the one you want to change.
A complete list of options is available below.


All available options for this key are located in the Electron official documentation (opens new window).


This key takes an array of strings of plugin ids to enable. To know more about plugins, go to the Plugins section.


key type default description
showChromeDevTools boolean dev Whether to open the chrome console developer tools on start.
showConstructDevTools boolean dev Whether to enable the construt developer tools on start.
autoClose boolean dev Whether to auto close the window when the construct 3 remote preview connection is lost. showConstructDevTools must be true.
autoReload boolean dev Whether to auto reload the window when the construct 3 remote preview project is updated. showConstructDevTools must be true.
.position {top|bottom}-{left|right} null xxx
.content string/html null xxx


key type default description
name string 'My name' Your project name
description string 'My description' Your project description
author string 'Me' Your name
version string '0.0.0' The current version of your project


Read more at Flags


key type default description
dir string Current active directory The directory to use as source for the build
asar boolean true Whether or not packaging game sources inside an asar compressed file
out string 'dist' The directory where to put your builds
overwrite boolean true Whether or not to override builds already present in the out directory
extraResource Array<string> [] Extra resources that needs to be included alongside your game files
ignore Array<string> preview*, node_modules/greenworks, node_modules/app-builder-bin, node_modules/app-builder-lib Path from dir to be excluded from the build
icon string projectDirectory/build Path to the icon that should be used for the final executable

The whole build configuration is available at the electron-packager official documentation (opens new window).

For more information on the building process, read more at Build


key type default description
electron string 3.1.6 Override build and preview electron version
errorLogging boolean true Whether or not to send us error reports
singleInstance boolean false If true, only one instance of your application can be run at the same time


The mention to dev or prod means that for:

  • dev, the value is true when previewing, false after building.
  • prod, the value is false when previewing, true after building.