Greenworks plugin

This plugin aims to help you get your game to support Steam through the Greenworks addon.


Please refer to this section to get help on how to install this plugin.

For greenworks self building, please see Steam Integration with Construct 3.


The entry to add to the plugins key to enable it is greenworks This addon support configuration under the greenworks key

key type default description
steamId number 480 You game steamId. Default to 480 as it's a steam default game that everyone own.
sdkPath string "steam_sdk" Path to your steam sdk
localGreenworksPath string null Path to the root of your local greenworks installation
forceClean boolean false Force the greenworks plugin to be setup even if it's already in place
prebuildsVersion string 0.2.7 From which release to fetch the greenworks prebuilds (see releases)

Using this plugin

You can manually configure greenworks using the "Configure greenworks" command. However, it automatically run before the build command. If you don't build greenworks yourself, prebuilds will be dowloaded from my greenworks prebuilds repository


You must define the unpack key for greenworks to work. Native addons must be unpacked.

module.exports = {
  build: {
    asar: {
      unpack : '**/greenworks/**'